About walls and what’s hidden behind….

We sometimes feel so lost when we read the newspapers or generally think about the current world events. We live in times dominated by fear and distrust. Some in leading positions keep stirring up fear and suspicion.
It seems that their main goal is to bring out the worst in everyone.
History’s taught us, that fear is always the best way to set someone up for manipulation.

If only we could all break down these walls we keep building around us to protect ourselves from potential harm. We sometimes hide our best and warmest qualities behind these walls… our weaknesses, talents, potentials and dreams. We try not to be compassionate and kind so we don’t get hurt.

We hope you’re all surrounded by people who encourage you to break down these walls; Who encourage you to love, to change, to feel, to fail, to care and to believe in the beauty within you.

Amy And Ryan Singing Break Down These Walls
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# Photos & Written by: Birds of a Feather

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