Photo shoot for the new album

We were on the road again last weekend, playing two concerts for a wonderful audience at Lüerdissen and Mettmann Germany. It felt so good to be back on tour

The weekend before we had a photo shoot with Robin Egli for the new album that’s coming out in August.
It was a cold and windy day but a lot of fun anyway.

What we didn’t expect, was the challenge we faced when it came to choosing the right picture for our album cover…

What kind of photo could ever express what we feel about our songs, about our band, about music in general and about one another??? Do we want it to be perfect, a piece of art, lovely, warm, crazy, different, …?
What side of ourselves do we want to reveal? Revealing our very hearts in our music sometimes makes us feel naked, but music is what we are and what we know.

Photography is much different. Having to choose a close-up picture of ourselves, that we will work with for years to come suddenly turned out to be a difficult task.

How do you feel about close-up pictures of yourselves?

Amy Und Ryan Beim Fotoshooting
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