This beautiful song has become our personal lockdown melody

This beautiful song that we couldn’t wait to share with you is called O (Fly On) and it’s by Coldplay. It has become our CoronaSong… and we don’t mean it in a negative way… we’re trying to say that it always cheers us up, calms us down and moves us! It somehow makes us feel closer to nature and therefore always leaves us with a it’s all gonna be ok feeling. And we didn’t even know this song until we watched Chris Martin‘s most charming live stream concert mid-March. He started off the whole togetherathome series.
Watching Chris Martin talk and perform was just so delightful! He’s such a genuine, heartfelt and positive person.  Just what the world needs right now.
We didn’t wanna change the beautiful sounding key of this song to adjust it to our vocals… so we just let the banjo speak.
We hope you like it!

Amy Und Ryan Playing O Fly On
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# Photos & Written by: Birds of a Feather

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