It was recorded and produced by Ger McDonnell.

Today’s the day!!!

Our new album „You Are Music” is out!!! Yeeeaaaahhh!!! This is so exciting!!!

We put so much love and energy into this album and the recording of it was a total bliss!

It was recorded and produced in Swords (Dublin) by Ger McDonnell.
There are no words to ever express how grateful we are to have been able to work with him.

He’s the kind of producer every band is longing to find. He’s got an incredible feeling for music, knows exactly how to get the very best out of you, has a heart of gold and his many tremendous talents are astonishing!

He came up with the perfect idea to work with three amazing musicians to fulfill the album. So he introduced us to John Colbert (bass), Esa Taponen (electric guitar) and Daragh O’Toole (keyboards).
Playing music with them was magical. The beautiful music they played and the wonderful vibes they created will forever be on this record and we will forever be thankful for it!

The song of this video is called „Change of Heart”! The two of us have helped each other change so much since we first met. We’ve opened each other’s eyes and hearts, we have been completely honest with each other, we have faced a lot of challenges and have helped each other believe in ourselves and our talents.
Our greatest hope is that our music can do the same for others! We hope that it can reach people’s hearts and have them believe in their own potential. It may sound naive… but that’s our ambition! So help us share the love and spread our music to whoever means a lot to you!

And if you wanna see a feather’s tale, you should really check our first official video of the new album!
You’ll find the link to the full video in our bio. Robin Egli helped us create it and made it come to life! Thanks so much Robin!

Neues Album You Are Music Ist Veroeffentlicht
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# Photos & Written by: Birds of a Feather

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