We found a beautiful song for you…

„Love me anyway” by P!nk feat. Chris Stapleton. P!nk has a new album out and as a lot of you may know: We love her! The lyrics to the song are beautiful as well and here’s why we picked this one:

Every now and then we sense some tensions between men and women.
As if there’s a never-ending unspoken war going on.
My mom for example, raised me to believe that all men are not to be trusted, that all of them are basically cold-hearted and selfish.

As a consequence, I was too afraid to truly open up my heart for many years and ended up in unhealthy relationships.
I was slowly but surely loosing faith in love and felt the same anger towards men that was passed on from generation to generation in my family.

But then I met Ryan…
Just by being himself he changed my way of thinking.
He stood by me when no one else did and helped me through hard times when it was absolutely no fun being around me.
He helped me grow stronger and more confident as a woman and showed me that love is unconditional.

I now believe in true love and I believe that men and women should help and support each other and work together as a team.

So from the bottom of my heart:
My mom was wrong.


Amy Ryan Singen Love Me Anyway
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# Photos & Written by: Birds of a Feather

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