Get Lucky Mark Knopfler Cover
favorite song Miriam and Thomas
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Hey lovely people!
Did you know that Mark Knopfler is releasing a new album?
He is one of our heroes!
We found this video… the song’s called “Get lucky”… it’s one of our favorites! We picked it to celebrate something with you guys!
We actually got hold on some tickets for his concert in May!
We’re so much looking forward to it!
We last saw him perform live in 2015 together with his incredible band. It was one of our favorite concerts ever! The way they play music together is so impressive, deeply moving and just unbelievably beautiful! When he plays the guitar, there’s magic in the air… there’s no other way to describe it!

We wish all of you the best of luck for this week!

Humble And Kind Favorite Song
favorite song Miriam and Thomas
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This is the favorite song of two extraordinary people: Miriam and Thomas. The song’s called “Humble and Kind” (performed by Tim McGraw / written by Lori McKenna) which pretty much describes the two of them perfectly.
When you’re looking for a place where there’s warmth, coziness, friendliness and laughter in the air… you need to go to their beautiful Café Hygge. We performed there several times and we instantly fell in love with the vibes the two of them and their wonderful team create.

So of course it was the first place that came to our minds when we were thinking of a location to shoot our crowdfunding video.
Not only did we get their full support, but we could convince Thomas to play the leading role of a „hero“ in the first part of our video! He did it in a humble and kind way.

Together with a group of spontaneous and enthusiastic people, this video shoot turned out to be a blast!

Thanks so much to everyone involved! Thanks for your incredible support! Thanks to those who traveled far! Thanks to Robin Egli for your hard work, amazing talent and your positive energy!
You’re all the best!

We can’t wait to show you the video!

While Reading Newspaper
While reading the newspaper the other day...
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Do you also feel lost whenever you read the newspapers or watch the news? Or when you generally think about the current world events? We live in times dominated by fear and distrust. Some in leading positions keep stirring up fear and suspicion. History’s taught us, that fear is always the best way to set someone up for manipulation. It seems that we still have not learned the lessons.

We hope you’re all surrounded by people who encourage you to believe in love and the beauty of life…
that’s why we picked this song by Sting:
“If I ever lose my faith in you”.

Have a beautiful week everyone!


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