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favorite song Miriam and Thomas
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It’s so good to feel in many different ways the support of people who love our music!
Jörg, a wonderful fan of ours from Villingen, offered his help a couple of weeks ago to organize the best band bus possible for us! Thank you so so much dear Jörg! This is such a great support for us.

During our crowdfunding campain we had the great support of so many dear people!

This beautiful video we got just today. It was created by Alberto Hernando, the author of „Holothenovel saga“ and he posted it on his social media channels to support our campain.
Thank you so much Alberto! We really love it!

Blog Amy Und Ryan Dreikönigsball Oberkirch

We’re back from a busy weekend.
We played three busking shows on site last Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Stuttgart.
Our guitar fingers didn’t quite move the way they usually do.

In addition we played at an extremely inspiring charity event supporting children suffering from cancer, in Oberkirch (Germany) last Saturday night.
It was a deeply moving event… they raised money to build an accommodation next to a children’s hospital in order to help parents stay close to their children during their hospital stay.

It was a big honor to be part of this very special event!

Blog Someone Amy Und Ryan
favorite song Miriam and Thomas

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Happy New Year!!!

It’s our first post in 2019… so we chose a very special song for you.
It’s called: “Someone somewhere tonight” written by Davis Raines and Walt Wilkins.

We fell in love with Walt Wilkin’s version many years ago…
The lyrics are so moving, that it quickly became one of our favorite songs of all time.

It’s a new year and there are 7.7 billion people in this world … this song helps us remember that this very moment might be different for every single one of us.
We all have our ups and downs… but let’s make this year a special one! Let’s work on our dreams and bring out the best in ourselves!

Someone somewhere tonight
Is taking their first steps
Letting go of the hands that held them
And trusting themselves

While someone somewhere tonight
Is hearing their last rites
And hoping with all their might
That there’s something else

Well, babe, lie down here beside me
And let’s lie real still
And tell me you love me
And you always will

Someone somewhere tonight
Is tasting their first kiss
Whispering softly this wish
For the night to go on

While someone somewhere tonight
Is holding on to a bottle
Pouring one more and praying that God will
Get them through ’til the dawn

Well, babe, lie down here beside me
And let’s lie real still
And tell me you love me
And you always will

Someone somewhere tonight
Is stuck in a prison
And they’re breathing, they’re just barely living
Behind walls of their own

But someone somewhere tonight
Just found their own wings
Found some beauty, found some truth, found some meaning
In spite of it all

Well, babe, lie down here beside me
And let’s lie real still
And tell me you love me
And you always will


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