Some pros and cons of social media use

The pros and cons of social media platforms can indeed be argued. How much time should one devote to them? Are these Instagram friends just virtual or can friendships begin online and nevertheless go beyond great picture, please like my post as well…. ?

Platforms like Instagram or Facebook are very time-consuming. What do we get out of it? Honestly, we do not always find it easy to strike the proper balance between engagement and letting go. Do you know the feeling?

The fact is, we have met exciting and incredibly warmhearted people from all over the world on social media platforms. We exchanged thoughts, let ourselves be inspired by their creativity, and even met a few of them in person.

Last week we had one of these inspiring moments: We asked if people would send us their current favorite songs on Instagram. The result was a list of beautiful songs, many of which we have never heard before. We decided to share these songs with you and therefore created a Spotify playlist with all of them. You can find the link on the picture.

If you know a song that should be on this list as well, please let us know by email or in the comments below, and we‘d love to add them. :-)).

Amy Screaming
Listen to the playlist on Spotify

# Photos & Written by: Birds of a Feather

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